The Wholesome Gift Box is a business that grew out of passion for natural, wholesome, and luxurious products, made accessible to women across the country.

The Wholesome Gift Box created partnerships with many well-known Australian brands that share the same ethos of delivering products that are good for the environment as well as body, mind, and soul.

This means that you won’t find any products containing harmful, toxic chemicals or fake, cheap replicas of brands in any of our gift boxes. All products are vetted to ensure that they are made to rigorous Australian standards, with some meeting organic certification.

Another important factor is the luxurious and sophisticated appeal of the products. It’s important that the recipient of a gift box feel truly spoilt when they receive their special and thoughtful delivery!

Whether you’re thanking, celebrating, or commiserating, there is an empathic spirit behind your gift where you are looking to spread love, joy, or kindness. It’s this personal connectedness of the act of gift-giving that is at the heart of The Wholesome Gift Box.

And it’s especially during those times where you can’t be there in person (even more so during 2020!) that we do the next best thing – send a gift box to show our loved ones that we care, we’re here, and we’re thinking of them.

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