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Mooloolaba Chamber of Commerce

Mooloolaba Chamber of Commerce has a vision is to make Mooloolaba shine! We are working to create vibrancy and energy in Mooloolaba through events and marketing for locals and holiday makers alike.

Can you afford NOT to be a member?

Mooloolaba Chamber of Commerce will be the communication hub between all of our businesses. Our idea is to support each other and give our best back to the local community.

Mooloolaba Chamber of Commerce works with regional organisations such as the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Visit Sunshine Coast, through our professional Executive Committee. We provide a credible, structured organisation which is committed to and passionate about Mooloolaba.

Mooloolaba Chamber of Commerce is committed to ensuring that Mooloolaba remains the #1 tourism destination in the Heart of the Sunshine Coast and re-emerges as a local favourite as well. The organisation is representative of all local business, regardless of their size and with your support we can achieve great things.

Benefits of being a member

  • Have access to our website for Mooloolaba:
  • Have access to quaterly Mooloolaba advertising campaigns
  • Have access to a diverse and fun business community through regular networking events. Meet the people behind our businesses. Grow, connect, support.
  • Have access to a great social media team that can support your business with marketing strategies and video promotion.

Benefits of being a member

At present we have a promotional membership offer of $150 (inc. GST) regardless of your business size. Membership runs from April to March.

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