Top Coffee picks in Mooloolaba

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Coffee – It’s the pick me up you need in the morning, fuel to get through the day or the relaxing cuppa in the afternoon.

Finding the right cup is tough but we’re here to make it easy. From beachfront cafés to the artisan roasteries, Mooloolaba has some the best coffee on the Coast.

Everyone has a café they swear by but with so many fantastic options packed into a tight area, there’s no bad place to go. But here are some of our favourites:

Velo Project – The Sit-down Coffee and Breakfast

This suburban gem is for locals in the know. A stone’s throw from the beachside delights of the Esplanade you won’t regret searching for this café. If you’re looking for a killer eggs benny to pair with your flat white the Velo Project has you covered. Using beans from local roasters Kai Coffee and a perfect vintage vibe, this old converted garage will make you wish you lived in the houses across the road.

Old Bean – The Classic

A local classic, owned by the founder of another favourite café of ours the Good Bean. This hole in the wall café may be small, but come morning you’ll see the filled with people all looking for that bit of espresso. There’s something about that little chocolate freckle that always makes things that much better. Open all-day and right by the beach what more could ask for. 

 The Coffee Club – The Staple

Sitting right along the Esplanade, the Coffee Club Mooloolaba is the ideal place for a meal and coffee any time of day. Bring your family around to this Australian staple and enjoy a wide selection from their menu like a classic bacon eggs, their nourishing salad bowls and keep an eye on their menu outside for the chef’s specials. Or catch up with a friend, and pair your brew with something sweet satisfy your sweet tooth and grab one their cupcakes, cookies or brownies

Colombian Coffee Co – The Carefully Crafted Brew

For the bean hunters Colombian Coffee Co is a dream. With their own roastery, each cup of liquid gold is infused with passion for good coffee. But don’t take their word for it, just ask the cafés around the country who order direct from their roastery. Ethically sourced and even offering a barista course every Friday for those looking to get a handle on the art of extraction.

De Ja Vu Café and Bar – The All-Rounder

Overlooking the beautiful Mooloolaba beach, the view from De Ja Vu Café and Bar is as delicious as their food and coffee. With seating spread right on the Esplanade you can plan your next local adventure as you eat your breakfast, brunch or lunch. Fuel up on their Big Breaky, or go for some fish and chips or throw a curveball and try their Sri Lankan testing plate with three different curries. If you’re looking for a solid brew and great food, you can’t go wrong with De Ja Vu.

Shot House Brew Bar – The People’s Coffee

Built into a Queenslander, family-run and owned, the Shot House Brew Bar has got you covered. Feel right at home in this comfy café, serving brunch alongside your cold brew. Proudly eco-friendly, it’s easy to find fans of this place with Shot House merch floating all around the Coast. Bring a bucket full rubbish you collected off the beach and grab a free coffee!

Black Market Espresso Bar – The Morning Delight

Perfect for those breezy mornings where you just want to kick back and enjoy our beautiful weather. Sourcing pastries, sliders and caked from local bakeries, pair your coffee with an almond croissant and go for a stroll along Mooloolaba Beach. A pet-friendly café, you can look forward to seeing some of the cutest canines coming in and out and that’s always a good thing.

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